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    Default Setting up Joomla and Virtuemart on Westhost

    I am going to be putting up a web site shortly that will be for a business that will write a lot of online articles, blogging, etc. and we've chosen to go with Joomla for this purpose. As well, there will be a shopping cart section for actual e-commerce. I have heard that Virtuemart works well with Joomla. I am still open to other suggestions if anyone knows of another possibly better content management system/shopping cart solution.
    What I'm interested in knowing is there any specific instructions on Westhost's web site or elsewhere on the internet for installing these solutions onto a westhost account? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Jomomla is a Site Application that is available in your Site Manager. There is some basic information on it in the WestHost manual under Community Applications. The other alternative that WestHost offers is WordPress. The manual only details how to install them via the Site Manager but there are links in the manual to each of the websites for the programs.

    WestHost offers two alternatives for shopping carts, Miva Merchant and osCommerce via the Site Manager. You might check the Joomla or Wordpress sites to see if there are modifications for integrating either of those.

    If you want to manually install Joomla and Virtuemart you should be able to using the information on their sites. I know for sure that Joomla is compatible. I have never heard of Virtuemart but if it s compatible with Joomla I would imagine there would be no problem.
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    i have joomla running on here and dont have any problem virtuamart is an exstention for joomla. go to for thier forum, its great there, you can get the exstentions for joomla there

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