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    Default FP Support ending late 06 - Support for expression web designer?

    I understand MS is phasing out Frontpage some time in late 2006. It you aren't doing Sharepoint, your path will be expression web designer.

    I downloaded the beta from MS and have been looking at it. One major problem I see is that the navigation function (which I use heavily in all my sites) is dependant on ASP.NET being on the server.

    Of course, ASP.NET runs on windows servers. I have also seen some evidence that it can run on Linux/Unix/apache boxes.

    So, barring any third party solutions for navigation that don't require ASP.NET, then I might be running into a problem.

    1. Will Westhost provide ASP.NET functionality on their servers?

    If not, then I see a couple of possibilities.

    1. Migrate to expression web anyway and start moving sites over to windoze hosting (My very last choice as the support at WH is stellar)

    2. Migrate to one of the other development packages (Golive, dreamweaver) and keep the hosting as-is.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts...

    PS - It seems that a lot of people think that Expression web will run on Linux boxes without Frontpage extensions. That is true - to an extent. The problem is that without ASP.NET, you don't have the navigation/menu functionality that Frontpage provided with it's navigation. You will have to hand code all your navigation.. That would be a nightmare on all but the smallest sites.


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    I would suggest dumping the Windows FP or any other alternative that is dependent on the Windows system like ASP. I am just not a fan of the Windows system when it comes to web hosting and prefer the Linux/Unix/Apache solutions. Granted I run Windows on my local home set up but then the bulk of web serfurs out there are useing that and I want to make sure my sites are working with there personal set ups.
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    Expression Web is M$'s replacement for FrontPage. Although they will not offer any further upgrades for FrontPage, it will still work as long as your hosting company is willing to offer FrontPage extensions. So many people use FrontPage, it's hard to imagine that WestHost will stop offering the extensions. Perhaps someone at WestHost can verify that they will hang in there with the extensions for the foreseeable future?

    FrontPage works fine on a Linux server, I've been using it here at WestHost for two years with no problems. The problem is that Expression Web was originally designed to only work on M$'s asp which is going to limit their sales in a big way. Everyone expects them to roll out a future upgrade that will make it work with php.

    I tried the beta version of Expression, most agree that it's really good, especially since it is designed to create standards compliant websites, and makes good use of CSS; something that FrontPage is not good at, at least if you use their templates. I'm holding back on buying Expression for now, as I am trying to stay away from bleeding edge programs.

    I continually debate weather I should give Dreamweaver a try. It seems that many more tools are available as ad-ons to Dreamweaver than FrontPage and Expression Web is too new to have much of anything.
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    I would encourage you to move to a plain text editor and to get some books on HTML, CSS, javascript and perhaps PHP or Perl. Armed with these you well never be restricted by either Microsoft or Macromedia. That being said if you do not have the time and need a WYSIWYG editor I would suggest moveing to Dreamweaver.
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    Default FrontPage Renamed


    "FrontPage Server Extensions" is not a good name for M$ Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning. Perhaps they should rename it something without FrontPage in it like WebDAV or LiveServer Extensions.

    Future versions might still be called FrontPage Server Extensions but FPS versions are quite divergent.

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    Default The Mono project might provide the .NET support on Unix

    I'm getting to the point where I really have to move from Frontpage to something else. The logical choice seems to be Expression Web. The problem that I mentioned in my original post still remains. IOW, EW will have very limited utility without .net support on the server.

    I found a third party open source solution at This is supposed to provide .net support at a level between 1.0 and 2.0.

    My question to westhost's tech support was if they will be supporting MONO and, if not, would we be able to run it in our reseller accounts.

    If MONO can be installed on my VPS, then it looks like I will be in decent shape. Of course, there is a list of vulnerabilities as with any software.

    I'd appreciate any thoughts.


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    Default Expression Web info from other users

    Hi cgmsys,

    The second version of Expression Web is now available for download at:

    You can get the most feedback about the program by asking other users at our new forum for Expression Web at:

    Expression Web

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