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    Default $50 Yahoo Credit & $25 Google Credit

    If you want to get to the top of the search engines, there is only one guaranteed way of doing it, and that is to pay them. WestHost offers $50 Yahoo Search Marketing credit and $25 Google Adwords credit for clients on Business Hosting plans.

    Google and Yahoo reserve the top spots on the left side of their search result pages (blue sponsored listings) and ALL the spots on the right side of their search result pages (see graphic at for those that are willing to pay them on a "Pay Per Click" bidding model.

    Example: If you want to be in position #1 for the term "cook books" you need to bid higher than the current position #1 company. If they are bidding $1.00 per click, you might bid $1.05. However, if you are satisfied with being on page 1, but in the 10th position, you might only pay $0.10 per click.

    For more details, and to claim the credit go to:
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    Go to and click on advertising programs

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