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    Default newbie...

    hi there!
    I am new to the miva merchant stuff and trying to figure everything out...
    I typically use Dreamweaver to design my sites and this is my first e-commerce site. I've only gotten as far as to letting the miva "guide me" and set up the basic catagories of products and even up load images through there any way to be able to use dreamweaver to customize the pages??? is there a way to import the files? of course the .mvc files can't open in dreamweaver.
    I just want to be able to SEE the page I am creating.

    any tips or advice would be soooo appreciated. any "first time user" advice would be great too!
    thank you sooo much!

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    s there any way to be able to use dreamweaver to customize the pages??? is there a way to import the files?
    No, not in any meaningful way. Miva is supposedly working on this, but I don't know if there's any existing timeline on when it's due to be released. You can certainly expect to pay for it, though.

    There is a wysiwyg editor module for MM5, but at $249 I think it's a bit overpriced.

    any tips or advice would be soooo appreciated.
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    I don't use MM but if it is anything like any other php script it is using templates of some sort to dynamically generate the end page. It makes it really hard to use something like DreamWeaver.

    Something I have done in the past is to view the source of the page in a browser. I have then copy and pasted that source into an html file so I could open it in DW in order to play with layout and such easily. Once I got what I wanted I would then seek out and find the areas in the template system used and change them based on what I had created in DW. Like I say I don't use MM so not sure if that would help or not. It does work pretty well with phpBB, VB, SimpleMachines, Jommala and other such programs.
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    thank you so much for your responses...wildjoker...I actually figured that out last night and was pretty excited about it lol. I sure hope I don't mess up the php code (or whatever that is!) html is as far as I get. Anyway, I think that will help some thank you. I am wondering if the other program that west host offers (OScommerce) might be easier??

    rispku----LOVED your tips and advice! hehehe
    thank you both so much for taking time to respond


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