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    Talking Please critique my office furniture site

    Please critique our office furniutre e-commerce site.

    All constructive critisism is appreciated.

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    First of all let me say that overall I like the layout of the site and I think the site looks pretty slick. Since you asked for critique here are a few things that I noticed on my first pass through the site.

    -The box that contains the "search" appears to be one pixel taller than the box to the left that it is supposed to line up with.
    -The VISA and MasterCard images are lower than the AMEX/Discover image by a pixel or two.
    -I clicked on "Computer Furniture" then "Workstations". On that page there are 3 pictures of the same thing but each one is selling a different piece of the desk. It would be better if possible to have a picture of what the buyer is actually buying to avoid confusion and possibly on the details page show an additional picture of it all put together.
    -On the same page the "overview" text below each picture pretty much just states what the item *doesn't* come with. I think it would be better to showcase the product and what it *does* come with (if any) in the overview and move the exemptions to the details page.
    -Same page again (possibly on others as well), "seperatly" is spelled wrong, it should be "separately". There also isn't a space after the word so the product dimensions are right up next to the word. (actually I just noticed from browsing around to other categories that none of the sentences in the overview section appear to have spaces between them)
    -The "Newsletter Unsubscribe" link wraps to the next line. Until I hovered over it I thought they were 2 different links "Newsletter" and "Unsubscribe" and I was wondering why the "Unsubscribe" was left aligned and the others aren't. Would be better on one line.
    -Lastly, maybe it is just me but the store name looks rather plain and on the small side. I don't think a big fancy logo is necessary, I actually prefer something simple and easily legible, so maybe just a little bigger would be nice.

    OK, that is it for me. Keep up the good work.

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    small website but nice design

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