I am working with a client and they use FrontPage to create and upload thier site. They know very little about FrontPage so I am trying to figure out a way that I can keep FrontPage from affecting a directory when they use it to update thier site. The reason for this is I have installed a simple php gallery for them and I don't want FrontPage to wipe out or change the php pages I created which I uploaded via FTP. I tried Google and did not come up with much (in fact it returned to threads from here on one attempt) and even tried searching the MSN FrontPage Knowledge base.

It may be I am useing the wrong terms. "FrontPage restrict from dirctories" , "Publish with FrontPage restricted" and a few other variations. I am normally pretty good and manipulating terms but think I just don't know enough about FP to get where I want. Not really in the mode to find a copy of FP and install it.

Any ideas welcome.