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    i am making a site for car audio electronics. the pages will have the photo and description of the item and ( of course) the name of the item.

    my question is........ when one does a search for an item, do the engines search the body as well as the meta tags ( i have seen discussions for these questions before but i want to make sure of my information).

    why i ask is so i know what program to enter my info in. I am doing all of the inserting of pics in photoshop and changing some of the type etc, but i was wondering if i should enter the item name in DW so the search engins pick it up. i know i dont have to slice everything, i can make the slice a non image or html.



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    Search engines look at the content of the page more then the meta tags now. Too many people where entering false content in the meta tags to try and raise thier site rateing. So the things that would be improtant are the content of the body/descrition of the item. The item name towards the top of the page preferably in heading tags i.e. <h1>, <h2> ect. The images are not going to get you any thing really. Search engines kind of ignore them. Ok it is true that Google lets you search for images and the results there seem to be based on the name of the image and then the other text content on the page.
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