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    Default Lzo install / general system control questions

    Forgive me if this is the wrong catagory, this is my first post and I didn't find one that fit exactly.

    I am new to WH, I just bought a reseller package, and I host/design/build client websites, and help implement IT solutions for their businesses. One of my current clients has the need for a VPN solution. I plan on using OpenVPN, though I have not really used it before so I'm just at the "testing for suitability" stage. For the installation I need to also install lzo, which I've downloaded, configured, make'd, but during the make install process I realized I need to access /usr/local/include which is root.root. This will be a stumbling block for several areas I have to deal with for different programs for many of my customers.
    Do I have to ask/have WH install these applications for me (and for a charge?)? Or is there a way I can do the installs myself? Part of my decision to go with WH over much of the competition was that it provided a VPS, which I understood to be like my own system (at least mostly root access/control) as opposed to just an apache virtual host setup like many other hosts.

    Thanks for any help in advance,


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    Isn't it possible to just install the application in a different directory then the default one? for what I know it is not possible to install software to the directory specified, and I don't think Westhost is able to change this (unless they compile it themselves with the root user).

    My experience is that most software can be installed without any problems when using the --prefix=/other/directory when configuring.

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    It almost sounds as if you would be better of with a dedicated server from WestHost. I believe that gives you full control over things. You could try erikdevries suggestion of using --prefix=/other/directory but depending on the specifics of the VPN you might still run into some problems and end up needing WestHost to install things that more then likely would fall under their paid install service. That could end up costing more then a dedicated server. The best thing to do might be to contact WestHost and have them evaluate your needs and see what they suggest.
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