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Thread: MySQL 4.1.16

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    Exclamation MySQL 4.1.16

    I'd like to make a request that you guys make MySQL 4.1.16 or later an option in the Site Applications. The main reason for this request is that the upcoming Moodle 1.6 will require it. Here is the thread at that announces and explains this.

    Moodle is the leading open-source learning management system (LMS), and I would really like to be able to use Moodle 1.6 on Westhost.

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    I would also suggest the upgrade of MySQL 4.1 series as upgrading MySQL5 is still risky and there're some compatible application matters.

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    Default MySQL 4.1.16

    I second (third ... :-) the upgrade to MySQL >= 4.1.16.

    Moodle is one integral part of my sites, with languages German, Japanese and English (in that order) so UTF-8 and the DB support is quite important to me.

    On the other hand I'm using some other MySQL applications, too, and am not feeling very confident with them to upgrade to MySQL 5.

    Therefore MySQL >= 4.1.16. would be great for me!!


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