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    I would like to have Mojo Personals software installed on my Westhost shared server.

    Is this possible?

    What do I do?
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    I checked the requierments for the script you are wanting to install and I think you would be ok. You would need to make sure that PerlMySQL is installed via your Site Manager. It is listed under Database. You might need to also install Mod Perl under Development but I am not sure about that one. Programs such as this normally come with specific installation instructions when you download them and you would need to review them for anything special you need to do to get the program running. Normally it is a simple matter of uploading the files to a specific place on the server and then changeing permissions on some files. Often you also need to make some changes to a configuration file with a text editor. Since this used MySQL you might have to set up a database for it useing phpMyAdmin.

    If the above sounds a bit confuseing to you then you might want to see about haveing someone install it for you. It could be the authors of this script have a service to do this or you can contact WestHost and they do install third party scripts but there is a fee. WestHost Custom Services.

    If you wanted to give it a try on your own and ran into some questions we normally try to help folks out on the forum here so that might be the first option you would like to try. Since this is a script you have to pay for what you might want to do is contact WestHost and either give them the link to the Requirements page of the script or copy the requirements into your email to them and ask if the programs and version this is reliant on are available. I think they would be willing to give you that info.
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