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    Angry Installing and mangaing applications

    I've been a R/S with Westhost for 2 years now. I've seen both the good and the bad.

    I major issue I have with WH is the slow, troublesome installation of applications thru the CP.

    I'll call T/S and they'll explain that the java installer is down or something did not install correctly.

    Anyone else having issues?

    ~not a very happy R/S

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    DV - We recognize there is some room for improvement and we certainly are very interested in remedying this. We are going to have this resolved a little later this year, as the project is fairly large. You will see increased speed and enhanced usability as well, once completed.
    Best Regards,

    Scott Hull
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    Later this year???? I'm thinking of upgrading to a reseller account, but the issues that I've been seeing makes me want to think twice about going down that road.

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