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    Default How Much Traffic Can Westhost's Deluxe VPS Handle?


    There is a sudden surge in the traffic to one of my web sites hosted here at Westhost. I am receiving 2000 unique visitors per day from average 500 visitors per day many thanks to having one of the images being indexed by the image search engine.

    So far my VPS is handling the traffic very well probably due to the fact that the pages are all html and not dynamic pages.

    I am sure 2000 unique visitors is nothing to many webmasters out there. But nevertheless I am interested to know from Westhost VPS members who have high traffic web sites. What is your daily unique visitors and how is your VPS handling it?

    I do not intend to overload my VPS here as I am using it to develop new sites before hosting it elsewhere. If the VPS cannot handle about 10,000 unique visitors per day, I intend to sign up with another VPS elsewhere to supplement my VPS here. (Or if I sign up another VPS here will Westhost hosted it on the same server?)

    A very happy customer of Westhost. (So far so good!)

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    In my experience it is not the number of visitors that are important. It's what they do there that matters.

    Lets assume that an average visit takes 500msecs to deal with. So that is 7200/hr should be no problem. Which is about 170,000/day.

    Now, assuming they don't come one after the other, but orderly like, and maybe more during the day for whatever you site specializes in... but you can see the 50,000/day shouldn't be a problem.
    And... on top of that, the Apache web server is quite capable of running mutltiple threads and doing more than one thing at a time, and we are mostly running on 4 CPU machines, you can see that it's unlikely to be a problem if you have less than 100,000 visitors a day.

    BUT, its the 'what they do' that matters...
    One client recently had their site upgraded and what was a kind of plain site now has loads of big images, a flash multimedia player, downloadable music samples, RealAudio, the full whack.
    Now, this is a lot of work for the system and bandwidth jumped from 6Gb/month to 30Gb/month and the load on the machine has, I estimate, gone up by 6 times as well. But the number of visitors stay the same.

    There are many other factors involved.
    I am setting up and installing Xaraya on a machine (not on WH) with a MarkLogic XML server and that takes a lot of CPU cycles to run... so much so that it brought the machine to its knees and I had to upgrade. And that was without any visitors! Yet to the user, its just a website. You may have similar problems if you run a bulletin board or other site that uses a lot of PHP or Perl.

    That's just my hit on the situation... there are a lot of variables involved and number of visitors is one of them, but not the most important.

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