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    Question new web site

    Do any of you guys with WH even recommend doing an e-commerce site with WestHost? Whats with that freezing and down time and user overloading crap?

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    I've been running a couple of shops on WH and not had a problem.
    The freezing is a scheduling problem in the kernel which occasionally effects page loading, but very rarely. It depends on how busy you expect your site to be.
    If you are expecting a dozen concurrent users continuously, then you may have a problem, but then if you are running that kind of shop then you would definitely require a dedicated server, not a shared VPS.
    But if you expect less than a few thousand buyers a day, you shouldn't have a problem. If you expect more, then go for a dedicated, you can afford it!


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    Default web site

    Vos ist loes Jalal. Thank you for the message!

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