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    Unhappy Need help with errors during the payment

    what I have is the Miva 4 after the payment is complete the return page is blank with "Application timed out" The customer or me are not sent emails about the order but Miva recorded the order but did not empty the shopping cart

    Now here is the Miva 5 error based on the same ordering process as above;

    Fatal Error

    MIVA Merchant has encountered a fatal error and is unable to continue. The following information may assist you in determining the cause of the error:

    Error Code: MER-UTL-00002
    Description: Failed to read SMTP status: Read Error: Connection reset by peer
    Other Information:

    Now this is causing many problems WestHost says it is not on their end, but this all happened after the Miva 5 upgrade.

    Anyone have a fix to this?

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    Default SMTP Error Problem

    Any luck in getting your SMTP error resolved? I have the same problem going on and have had no lucj with MIVA or WestHost. Let me know if you hear of a way to fix this please.



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    In your store admin in "Domain Settings" at the bottom of the form is a box that says "Use Strict Validation for Codes" Is it turned on? We had errors until we ticked that box on. We do not have "Add Angle Brackets to Email Addresses" on.

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