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    Default Please critique Heritage Office Furniture site

    Please take your time to review and comment on
    All comments are very much appreciated.

    - IT Network Administrator at Heritage Office Furniture
    New * Pre-owned * Refurnished * Web Sales

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    Talking redone, please critique!!!

    Hello web visitors,
    Can you please critique again. The furniture e-commerce site has undergone major reconstruction. Please take a good look at the entire site and comment and give constructive critisism.

    Thank you
    - IT Network Administrator at Heritage Office Furniture

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    Here are a few comments after briefly going through the site.

    There are too many levels to some of your navigation. I don't like to have to dig around through site navigation to get what I want. I prefer my options to be less hidden.

    I like to be shown pictures of products with their information. I think that is what most people expect. "View product image" should be "view more images" because they are already looking at the first image.

    Rather than having a picture of a google map, have a real google map on your site instead.

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    Try to increase the font size of the Menu bar. Also if possible put the name of the company above the Menu bar in large font.

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    I love the graphic on the front page. When browsing products I think it would be nice to have the product information available right away rather than having to click the "Details and Order Product" link. Also, I'm not a big fan of the navy on gray table for product information. I think maybe an off-white/light yellow background for the table would blend better with the rest of the site.

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    Furniture is a very complex product and building a site for selling such a product it's a very demanding task. I am not an expert but I can tell you my opinion, this site needs more detailed pictures of the product, and each material should have a proper description.

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