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    Default Frontpage vs. uebimiau

    I just installed uebimiau from the Site Mangager.

    I updated some files in Frontpage (stuff not relating to uebimiau).

    When I hit "publish", Frontpage would upload the files I had changed, and it would delete all of the uebimiau .tmp folders too.

    I thought it was a fluke, so I reinstalled uebimiau and tried it again. Again, Frontpage would automatically delete the tmp folders from uebimiau. The other uebimiau folders and files were intact.

    Any thoughts on how to permanantly trick Frontpage or protect these folders?

    Also, in my Frontpage publish log, it says that failed at trying to delete the "fm" folder from my site too. How do I keep it from trying to delete that too?


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    I am not a Front Page user so doubt I will be much help but I would bet that there is a set up or option page for publishing and that there may be some type of option for you could turn off that would be like clean up or match sites. Not sure of what they would call it. The reason that the fm directory can not be removed is because it is owned by root (WestHost).
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