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    Default Questions before becoming a reseller.

    I checked the archives and couldn't find an answer to these questions.

    I've been using WH for several years and have several clients. I'm considering consolidating them under one Reseller account. In addition, I'm ready to begin marketing hosting services to a specific hobby enthusiast segment. Here are my questions.

    1. For a few years now, I have sent my clients directly to WH for their hosting so WH bills them directly. In order for them to be transferred into my reseller package, what has to happen? I know WH has a form to transfer site I own, but would I need to have my clients cancel their account with WH, get a refund, and then re-register through me? This equals some downtime for them and I'd like to avoid it, if possible.

    2. Are all of the sites in my reseller package going to be on the same WH server? From time to time WH, like any host, has a down server or other problem that makes sites unreachable. When the entire WH network is down (rare) I know all sites would all go down - this is not my question. Since I am targeting a specific hobby enthusiast segment, it could be pretty bad PR for me if they were all down because they were on the same server that crashed. If they were spread across different servers, downtime for one site wouldn't be as bad as if all my clients were all down.

    Anybody know the answers to the above?



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    I went through the same process some years back (so I'm not sure if it is the same now) but it went very smoothly.
    1. Transferring the account is more of a paperwork thing. There is no downtime. I don't remember how the refund situation was handled.
    2. They end up scattered over different servers.


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