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    Default Installation error

    We had miva 4.* ver installed in our westhost server.
    somebody had tried to install miva5* and then miva4 had been unistalled
    I tried to upgrade then I get a message that there is no previous ver of miva.
    When I try to install miva 5 (full installation) it says that there is
    previous ver of miva, and asks me to upgrade but when I upgrade I get the same error

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    You should definitely submit a ticket to WestHost and have them fix this for you.

    Merchant 4 probably left behind some data that's tripping up the Merchant 5 installation. You might try renaming Merchant 4's main directories, if they're still present, and try install 5 again.

    It creates these directories in two different locations.

    The first should be in your document/web root: /var/www/html/Merchant2 .
    The other is in your home directory: /home/accountname/htsdata .

    Just renaming these directories should be sufficient (assuming they still exist) to see if that's really at the root of the problem. I suspect that it might be something more than this, but it's worth trying at any rate.

    Good luck!

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