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    Default Looking for a web hosting provider.

    Hi all,

    I'm currently looking for a web hosting provider that allows the freedom to upload programs as easily as seems to support and offer. I'm curious how satisfied you are of their products and services primarily in the area of ecommerce.

    How I learned about this provider is that I've been looking at Miva 5 as the backbone of an ecommerce website. I like the features of Miva 5 out of the box; and the most appealing part is the various add-on modules that are offered to enhance Miva's functionalities.

    Any opinions about, Miva 5, and the program-upload process are most appreciated.


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    WestHost VPS packages do offer a lot of control and flexibility. You do not have true root access to the VPS but most scripts can be installed with a little patience and you do have access to the server config files. I wouldn't be happy with regular shared hosting now that I have seen the benefits of customizing your own VPS.

    I myself am not a big fan of Miva, but even so, the included Miva license is a bargain and it can be installed from the Control Panel. I think osCommerce can be installed via the control panel now also.
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