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    Default Dada mail bug: cc'ing the list

    I am using Dada 2.9.1 with 2 or 3 of my 8 or 10 lists. I normally don't have a problem and all works fine. However, someone on my list uncovered a bug in the new script when he send an e-mail to several people and cc'd the e-mail list. Somehow this causes a loop and everyone on the list gets flooded with the e-mail. I looked at the Dada message boards, found that someone uncovered this, and the developer pretty much said "huh." and not much else. I asked again, with no response, so am wondering if anyone here has seen this, and possibly has a fix to prevent this from happening.

    The only thing that I can figure is that when Dada checks the POP account, it copies the message AND the cc list, and sends it out. Thus the loop. Why an e-mail list would ever copy the cc list is beyond me, but this is the only thing I can think is happening. Now, I also wonder why anyone would ever CC an e-mail list, but this guy happened to do it this time, and everything went to hell.

    Anybody have any help? I'd love to close this giant hole.

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    I realize this is a very delayed reply, but I just ran into the same issue on my site this evening -- fortunately it only sends out mail once every minute, so after 3 hours it had sent only 200 duplicate messages.

    The good news is that DadaMail 2.10.2 appears to have fixed the issue. I tested it with an isolated list to confirm that I was able to reproduce the behavior with 2.9 but not with 2.10.

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