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    Default I need a good anti-virus software to replace Norton.

    Hey guys... I need a good anti-virus software to replace Norton.
    Norton has been great at protecting my computer - but at the expense of continual clashing with other software and hardware drivers.

    I paid a lot of money to buy the top of the line Creative sound card that has everything we need including sound-around music which I love.
    But Norton evidently does not seem to like Creative and wacked the EAX sound-around feature so that it no longer works.

    Now I find that after a norton update, my top of the line DVD/CD burner no longer works either.

    So I need a good but FRIENDLY anti-virus software.
    (I have a hardware firewall so I don't need a software firewall included with the anti-virus.)

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    Are anti-virus programs really necessary if you don't download software or open email from suspicious senders? My Norton just expired and I'm debating renewing it. Also my Norton Fire Wall is soon to expire and I'm wondering what it has that the Windows Fire Wall doesn't and why pay for it if I don't have to? It really bugs me Norton anti-virus scans every single file on my hard disk once a week. Nothing is ever found. Realize a virus could potentially corrupt any one of them, but unless there is some way to get infected I'm not aware of - needless wear and tear.


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    Grwd, SJP,

    I finally dumped Norton after some of the same problems as grwd reports. I went to Avast! because it integrates very well. There is a free version for non-commercial use. Updates are smooth, and you can choose what it scans and how often. I especially like the email scanner.

    SJP, as to whether or not we really need an AV program or firewall, I went for years without. I never got a virus, but felt vulnerable, when I learned how malicious code can be embedded in the ID3-v2 tags that are on some mp3 music files. Some kind of firewall is needed for broadband, and many recommend Zone Alarm. I also recommend some sort of spyware protection, such as AdAware or SpyBot, since I was troubled by spyware, even if my computer remained virus-free. I use ie-SpyAd to automatically put suspicious sites in my Restricted Zone.

    Norton tends to take a "brute force" approach, and, if you have their Internet Security Suite, will even break the javascript on a page. Plus, Norton 2005 slows down my tired old machine so much as to be unusable (Norton stopped supporting subscription-based virus def. files for Norton 5, which ran smoothly on my machine, as of the end of last year).

    Prior to Norton, I used McAfee, although I switched to Norton on someone's advice, because it was said to be more in tune with a Windows OS.

    All the above was put in place before I switched from IE to Opera, which I love. Opera 8.02 incorporates all the best features of the latest IE, Netscape, and Firefox, plus, it runs much faster on my old machine than any of those. I had used Netscape prior to IE, but wanted to try going all Microsoft, to see if the integration made any sense. I use the Windows Updates judiciously, and have dreams of someday going Linux or switching to a Mac.

    My 2-cents worth has turned into a long post, but I had this urge to vent.


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    Norton works well for me although I admit to doing a lot of tweaking of various settings.
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    Default E-Trust Antivirus 7.1

    I personally use E-Turst Antivirus 7.1 by Computer Associates (Not EZ-Antivirus but the Commercial version).

    7.1 is reasonably priced and produces no overhead. Better yet, no subscription BS for updates. I think they have a trial version on their site you can get all though you'll have to take Norton AV off your system when you install, as with any other AV package.

    Good luck on your choice.

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    so far PC Cillin is doing good for me.. have you tried the Panda?
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    here's a free a/v scanner... i read about it in a magazine (can't remember exactly where) but it said that it had a pretty good detection rate.

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    I currently use the Trend Micro Suite. Over all I am very pleased with it but about 6 months ago it seems that put out an update that took up all my cpu resources. At the time I did not know what the problem was and my computer was totally unuseable. I eventually reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled everything. Quite frustrating but if there was a bright side I did get to clean up things a good deal. I'm just thankful I had a good backup. I didn't find out what the culprit was till a day or two later. Ever since then everything has been working fine.

    I'm a very security consious person and always take the most secure percautions for not opening unknown attachments, creating secure passwords, etc. However I do have clients who ask what they should use so at least once a year I will try out a new software so I can give the best recommendations. I normally advise people to use AVG if they don't have anything or are having problems with Norton. I do tell be I am using Trend's Suite and have been overall please except for that one incidient. I have been doing some research and I'm currently looking at the F-Secure or Kapersky Suite as the next one to test. Is anyone using either of those programs? I have seen good reviews on both especially in the area of the time it takes to provide a difinition in response to a known threat.

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    A friend of mine uses AVG.. you might want to try it from Grisoft
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    The only anti-virus company to catch the latest root kit from Sony (the one that installed from their CDs) was F-Prot. The other companies knew about it but were 'persuaded' not to do anything.
    So I think F-Prot is worth looking at...

    (I use Linux so it's not so much of a problem).

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