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    Default Guest book Question

    I have a site for my band Back Alley, the question is thru Westhost can
    you have a second guest book added, the idea is to have a just ask ___
    like a dear Abby that would be dedicated to just our female singer as kind of a fun extra thing on the site, thanks for any responces in advance

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    I'd take a diffferent approach if I were to do something like that. I'd set up an email address that people could write to (e.g. You could then choose the emailed questions that you wanted to respond to and put them in a blog with the responses.

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    I kind of like Tom's idea since it gives you a bit more control but yes you could have more then one guestbook if you wanted but not via the Site Manager.

    You would need to do a manual install. If the install of GuestBook has not changed then I think you could make a copy of and name it something like or for that matter Then open up the new script and change the settings for the paths. You would also need to change the recipient and postmaster settings maybe. Ofcourse you also have to make a copy of guestbook.html and addguest.html and change the path to point to your new script. If you don't see any of that on your site and you have a guestbook installed then I am way behind the times and WH has changed the defaults of GuestBook.

    I still like Tom's idea!
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    i don't see the point of having two guestbooks.
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