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    Default New site critique

    I launched this site in February and so far most of the people who have given me feedback love the idea however this is not translating to signups. My traffic to the site is pretty good but my conversion rate is almost non-existent. Could you please take a look at it and tell me what you think about overall design and also what is keeping people from signing up. I've been looking at this for too long to have an independent opinion anymore.

    The site is

    Thanks for any help or suggestions,

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    I don't think it has anything to do with your webdesign really. My one thoughts when I was browseing the site was that it sounded like a good idea but how can I trust them. I think that would be the hardest to overcome. You mention that an emergency worker would contact you... why would they? Have you talked to all the emergency workers in every city and have they agreed to do that? Is this service somehow been registered through the proper channels? You want me to give you some very personal information... are you bonded or are your workers bonded? Ok I think you get the idea.

    Now many of the things I mentioned above may not be something that would really need to be done or answered really. If I had the money I would more then likely buy a car and use OnStar wich is similiar in that I am putting my trust in them. They may not have answered the same questions but they are nationally recognized so my assumption is that they can be trusted.

    I think it is a great idea and I belive it will do very good. You have a really good foundation for your site. I do think you can overtime flesh out some of the content. The price seems resonable to me so I don't think that is a problem. It may take patients. There is an old rule of thumb that it takes a company 5 years to take hold. I wish you all the luck with it.
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    Hi There,
    Your site looks good and it's built around a good idea. Interestingly, a friend of mine started a similar business back in 1989-1990 (offline, i.e before the Web became popular) and I understand that people loved the idea, but most of them still thought that they would be looked after by authorities (i.e. medical, police) in case of an emergency and therefore very few were signing up.
    One of the main issue you need to address is TRUST, due to the sensitivity of the information you want to collect. One way to work around that would be to have a strong Privacy Policy reviewed by an independent agency such as Trust-e posted to your site. Basically, anything you could do to earn trust would help. Search the web for how to build trust on a web site and try to implement some of those ideas.
    Be patient and persistent too.
    Good luck.

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    Well it is a super cool idea as everyone said and there's nothing wrong with the site except maybe the part about take the tour to see how it works -- too many clicks to get the information --- maybe they dont wanna stick around long enough for that --- just want the information presented there right on the front page. errr, but maybe most people arent as lazy as me so that's probably not your problem, I think its what others have already said --- no guarantees that it works and if you are counting on responding officers to call the card since its not a well known thing ---- make people see why its better than just filling out the little emergency card that comes for free with a new wallet because emergency workers and hospitals probably already have a system of notification that they are required to follow

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    Great presentation.

    The idea seems good, but I think most people will consider that police and rescue workers will take care of the situation and so the only use of EC is to inform family and friends.
    Police and rescue workers are the best suited to inform in an appropriate way with knowledge of the facts, and they have access to drivers licence, credit cards and other papers on the person to trace family, employer, residence etc.
    Police and rescue workers will be reluctant to provide any information if at all to "EC" --unknown to them-- and thus EC can only know "something happened" at best.
    There is also the problem of a hoax emergency. How can EC verify that? Call back the caller via a telephone lookup of the police dept or hospital that called them, but on what authority as they are unrelated to the person.
    Also, a hospital could not rely on medical information provided by EC.

    But the most important issue is death. In other cases, one can assume the person will be able to communicate to police and rescue workers who to contact and what measures to take. In the case of death, the issue is too sensitive and is best handled by authorities sure of the facts and who would not allow a third party like EC to communicate with relatives on such a matter.

    Having said that, it may be useful for persons to have a secure website with contact information, medical information etc with a secure login that they provide to their family and or doctor for use in an emergency by them (them being the family members and doctor).
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    You need a prominent sign up link on every page, not just on the home page and buried on a drop down menu. Same with the tour. It might also help if the sign up page looked more like the site. Almost looks like I've left the site.


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    I'd recommend making it more search engine friendly. Google and others don't follow urls with ?ID=# (e.g. very well, which means that they may only see your home page. There is almost no content they can spider. The home page is almost entirely javascript and images, which spiders can't read.

    Also, the menus go behind the flash when using the firefox browser, making some menu items inacessible.

    The 'id' information comes from googleguy himself. Check out the do's and don'ts
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    You have the page declared as HTML 4.01 Transitional, but it doesn't pass

    And you expect us to trust you? Kidding, but getting that right might fix mozilla.


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