Thunderbird is a great new mail program that is totally free. It offers amazing spam filtering that uses a learning system. It also has many other very useful features. You can download it at :

Here are the instructions for using it with WestHost:

1. Download and install Mozilla Thunderbird

2. Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

3. From the Tools menu, choose Account Settings.

4. Select Add Account.

5. Click on the Next button.

6. Enter your name

7. In the E-mail address field, enter your full WestHost email address ( ex:

8. Select POP as the type of incoming server.

9. In the Incoming Server field, enter your WestHost domain.

10. In the Incoming User Name field, enter the first part of your email. (ex: joedoe)

11. In the Account Name field, enter whatever name you want to refer to this account as. (ex: Joe's Email Account)

12. Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP)

13. In the Server Name field, put in your domain name. (ex:

14. Click on "Use name and password"

15. In the User Name field, put in the first part of your email. (ex: joedoe)[/img]