Gettings FrontPage Users,

I'm about to start adding an online store to a clients site ( They are a non profit org that helps people try to recover that have been labeled with mental illness. They currently sell books, tapes, dvd's etc through a Yahoo! Store that is a real bear to make changes to.

Part of the reason that I chose WestHost was that they offered Miva Merchant, but am concerned that you can only use FrontPage to create HTML which you have to paste in.

There are many other shopping cart systems available that work as add-ons to FrontPage. Today I came across a link to FrontPage Cart which claims to be the best thing since sliced bread. I've also downloaded free trials of NetStores E-Commerce, SalesCart, Addsoft's StoreBot, and others that I've probably lost track of.

Has anyone of you FrontPage users utilized Miva Merchant?

Would you recommend keeping with a FrontPage add-on product, and if so which would you suggest.

Is there a rating tool out there that I can use to compare products?

Thanks in advance for your help.