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    Default Files in ''vdsbackup/english/'' prevent local publishing

    Hi gang. I just tried to publish my FrontPage web to a local machine. Seemed to go fine for a while, then I received the following alert box message:

    The destination web ignores case. The following pairs of names will conflict:
    vdsbackup/english/Restore.gif and vdsbackup/english/restore.gif, vdsbackup/english/StartBackup.gif and vdsbackup/english/startbackup.gif
    No files were copied. Name all files in your web uniquely and try again.
    So I tried to name each of those files "uniquely.gif", but it wouldn't accept it. Just kidding.

    Seriously, though, I understand from reading the Microsoft support file "FP: Error Message: The Destination File System Ignores Case" (;en-us;246924) that the only thing to do is rename one of the files (for each pair of conflicting files).

    However, whether I browse to that folder via FrontPage or an FTP client, the server won't allow me to rename any of those images. Probably not a bad thing, given that I'm messing with the VDS Backup utility. Still, the issue is preventing me from publishing to a local machine now.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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    Red face Did you ever get this resolved?

    I am currently having the identical issue. What did you do to fix it?


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    Have no idea of Front Page (avoid it like the plague) but I would guess that you need to tell Front Page not to publish the vpsbackup directory. And while you're about it, you may want to tell it to ignore the /users, /fm and /manager directories as well.

    But that is just a guess.

    And I suspect you can't tell Front Page what to do, it will probably tell you...


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