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    Take it step by step, and don't ever be afraid to ask for help (here, there, anywhere).
    Hey, I do too, all the time, including saying or thinking some dumb things every now and again.
    WildJokerDesign and I are competing for a medal in that field :lol:

    Your site is commercial, so a few recommendations come to mind that relate to what you are doing.

    1> because a javascript/applet is cool, is not a reason to use it. Adding value to your webpage is the only criteria.
    2> blocking rightclick has become popular, but anyone interested in the source can get around it. So why bother? There is nothing spectacular about your source code compared to the other 15 billion pages on the web. It degrades your site's PR image (openness).
    3> using javascripts/applets should be avoided or kept to a minimum which also improves your ranking on search engines.
    4> Use ccss, it's highly recommended. It unclutters webpages and keeps them smaller and faster to load, appeals more to search engines, and helps you organise/overview style better. Having said that, it's sometimes difficult to get ccss to work properly in netscape.
    5> finally, keep it simple. Case in point: do you really think the hover improves your webpage appreciation by the visitors?

    I hope you take these few comments as well meant to help you achieve success.
    Your webpage is quite good and appealing, and succesfully designed on many other important basics.
    The extras you are working on are not making it any better, in my humble opinion.
    I'll be glad to help on whatever you want to resolve, as will many others here on WH forum.

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    Sunzon, I can't say enough how much I appreciate the help you all have provided. The books help some but they are sometimes more complicated than what I'm trying to do. I could use some good references, net or books or whatever you think would help me, if you have any.
    I really like your straight forwad approach to helping me build a better site. I've decided to drop the protection script on the next revision and make some of the changes that WJ suggested. Do you have any advice on where I should concentrate my efforts on - I've seen a lot of rheortic on frames and I'm not all that versed in ccss or css or style sheets. I have a small local market here and if I can provide a good product at a reasonable price I might even be able to turn a profit. My (first) client reviewed the page today after finally getting it to 'play' and he is happy and only requested a few changes. So I'm off and running. THANKS FOR THE ADVICE
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    Skip Frames... no body likes them and they seem to cause more problems then they are worth.

    CSS is a bit hard to get the hang of I think. It took playing with it and reading tutorials on the net for about a month before I started to see how it was working. It was actually phpBB that forced me to really look at it and give it a try since it uses it to control the look.

    I have several different browsers installed on my computer so I can check my codeing to make sure it is compatible. I used to keep more but have gotten to where I check in IE, Netscape and FireFox. If I can find folks with other OS and browsers I have them check sometimes. Just can't afford to have every possible set up out there... all though that would be nice. Still wouldn't mind getting a Mac.
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    I agree with WJD, skip frames.
    Having an installed IE, Netscape and FireFox is neccessary for testing as WJD pointed out.
    Checking screen size presentation is another important test, here is a place to test that:

    CCSS is basically simple, but there is so much one can do with it it gets complicated.
    Start by always using a ccss file where you place style attributes, even if it's just the default font for the body or the <td> in a table.
    When you look at other websites you like, pick up their ccss file and save it in a workfile of examples. Examples are a great way to learn about what can be done with ccss.
    Look at the ccss style sheet for the link I gave you above (pick up from the source):
    The url
    should launch your front page with the css file that you can save. Many sites have simple ccss files that are a good starting point for inspiration.

    Well done on your happy client! 8)
    Can't suggest any books to you, maybe someone else has ideas on that.
    But practical taking it as you go is a pretty good strategy anyway. Look for inspiration on other websites, then find out how to do things.

    good luck!

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