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    Default Ability to install aspell

    This is an open source spell checking component that can be found at:

    This would be an extremely useful app, if setup to be installed via the Control Panel.

    Basically it is the replacement for ispell and is spell check logic that is utilized in literally hundreds of freeware and commerical WYSIWYG Content Management editors.

    I hope that this is something that can be considered.


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    I would like to have this as well, and would try to install it myself, if I thought it might work. Would it?

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    Default Tried installing aspell directly


    I also would like to use aspell as my wordpress blog has a plug-in that uses it and it would help clean up my often atrocious spelling.

    Unfortunately when I go to configure it with:

    ./configure && make

    I get:

    sh: ./configure: bad interpreter: Permission denied

    which usually means the drive is mounted as noexec.

    Anyone have any suggestions?


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