On Friday, January 21st, we will begin adding upgraded versions of MySQL and PHP to the Site Applications>Development section of client control panels (Site Manager). The versions to be added are:

- MySQL version 4.1.9
- PHP version 4.3.10
- PHP version 5.0.3

Once the new software is added you will be able to log in to Site Manager, go to the Development category of your Site Applications, and update your current version (if you desire), by clicking on the respective INSTALL icon.

NOTE: It is recommended that you upgrade PHP to version 4.3.10. If you wish to upgrade to PHP version 5.0.3, make sure that any custom applications or software you have installed (or plan to install) on your Virtual Private Server can support it. This warning also applies to MySQL version 4.1.9.

The entire process should be completed by [updated: Thursday, February 3rd]. If you have any questions or need help, please let us know.