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    Default Empresa Engine slowdown?

    Hello list,

    Our clients store is noticing drastic slowdowns, even to the point of timeouts. Any traffic thru the is very slow. I am assuming this is the Empresa Engine. This includes store and admin links.

    Has anyone else noticed anything? Anyone have suggestions?

    - David Talbott

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    Hello list,

    Answering my own question here. The problem has been fixed.

    Westhost support performed some account modifications on the server, some configuration setting that needed to be tweaked and re directed.
    This was performed after contacting Westhost support.

    This problem was causing drastic slowdowns in the admin and the store. These slowdowns were causing our client to lose orders, VeriSign to void transactions, etc. .. Pretty important from the client's point of view!

    - David Talbott

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