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    Default Running Servers and Daemons

    Hello everyone,

    Lately I was thinking of possibly switch to westhost and getting the Value plan. My only question is what exactly the policy is for running servers and daemons with the virtual server system. On the FAQ, it says that these will be dealt with on a one-by-one basis. I emailed Sales and they said that I could run IRCD, and other servers/daemons but they just don't offer support for it. Then, I looked at the TOC and it said that IRCD isn't allowed.

    If I were to get the Value plan, I might possibly run a very small IRC network (under 200 total users). I would also want to run some small Java AIM bots that I have written.

    Could anyone please clarify the policies regarding running such programs?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I checked with our technicians and got some clarification. We do not allow or support running IRCD on our servers.
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