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    Default how can i install tomcat on my own?

    hi guys,

    i am currently interested in westhost value package. everything seems great except there is no tomcat. we need jsp support so i believe i need jdk and tomcat.

    has anyone ever succesfully installed tomcat before? would you be able to provide step by step guide as i am a real beginner to the linux world.

    since i havent signed up yet, i can put you as referral as a kind of reward for helping, hehe =)


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    Tomcat is a server intensive program, it uses a lot of the server resources. That is why we limit the use of Tomcat JSP to the Ultimate package. You can install Tomcat JSP on the Value package but since it will take up a lot of the server's resources, we will shut it down. It would be better to go with the Ultimate package.
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    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the clarification. We currently do not need the power of ultimate package. we only need to run simple java application. is there anyway that we can have tomcat running without subscribing to ultimate package? for example:
    1 we dont use apache, instead we use tomcat to handle all web request. will that help reduce taxing server resources?
    2. can we sacrifice some of the data space to compensate the extra server resources that may be taken up by having tomcat running?
    3. we are willing to accomodate to westhost conditions about not allowing server intensive program and we are more than willing to configure tomcat in whatever way so that it complies to westhost terms and condition. we would be pleased if you could provide us little more details on the limit of each VDS in terms of server resources.

    thank you.

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    Hello Vod,

    Unfortunately with the amount of CPU and memory usage that most java applications take up, the only way that we allow those to run is through our Ultimate package. We don't have any programs right now where disk space can be used for other credit. That is definitely something that we are willing to look at however. I hope that this answers your questions. Please let me know if I can clarify anything further.
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    You said "Unfortunately with the amount of CPU and memory usage that most java applications take up, the only way that we allow those to run is through our Ultimate package." Do that means that if one has the Pro Bussiness account but does not uses TOMCAT will have a fastest account in terms of CPU and memory usage???. I am currently at Value Bussines Level, and in search of webdav support but nothing else.

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