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    Default can not install Net::DNS::Resolver

    I am trying to install spamassassin 2.63 using jalal's procedure.
    Got this message on Net:NS::Resolver install
    cpan> install Net:NS::Resolver
    Warning: Cannot install Net:NS::Resolver, don't know what it is.
    Try the command

    i /Net:NS::Resolver/

    to find objects with matching identifiers.

    cpan> i /Net:NS::Resolver/
    Module Net:NS::Resolver::Base (C/CR/CREIN/Net-DNS-0.47.tar.gz)
    Module Net:NS::Resolver::Cygwin (C/CR/CREIN/Net-DNS-0.47.tar.gz)
    Module Net:NS::Resolver::Recurse (C/CR/CREIN/Net-DNS-0.47.tar.gz)
    Module Net:NS::Resolver::UNIX (C/CR/CREIN/Net-DNS-0.47.tar.gz)
    Module Net:NS::Resolver::Win32 (C/CR/CREIN/Net-DNS-0.47.tar.gz)
    5 items found
    Any thoughts?


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    You need to use:
    cpan> install Net:NS

    and just let it roll...

    I'll have to change the instructions :-(


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