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    Default Web Services via PHP::PEAR::SOAP

    I'm trying to invoke Web services from within my php code, and found pear SOAP.

    I can't seem to invoke pear to install SOAP.

    Has anybody got pear working on Westhost, or alternatively, does anybody have another Web services client solution?


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    I managed to figure out how to get nusoap working (I tried xmlrpc, but it was way too complicated).

    If you want to build/use web services from php, nusoap is the way to go.



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    The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your PHP binary was compiled with PEAR. You can do this my setting up a simple php page with this function in it
    . If pear is enabled and you can't require the files you need from the SOAP/ directory, then you should log in with SSH to your account and type at the command line "pear install soap"

    I actually just started using the pear xmlrpc library a week ago and it is excellent. You can find a very good tutorial for it here.

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