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    Default Removing extra directories.

    Here is a request to Westhost.

    Could you find a way to remove all the extra directories from /var/www/html ?
    When I setup a web site for a client, they always want to know what they are and if they can remove them.
    More specifically,

    could, as far as I know, be put somewhere else and mapped in the Apache configuration.

    I understand that it may not happen on existing sites, but maybe it could be done so that new sites are set up this way.


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    I agree, cleaning up some of this clutter will definitely make the www root directory "look nicer"!
    Fayez Zaheer

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    I'll pass that on to our engineers and have them take a look at it. Thanks for the idea.
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    I agree with this idea and have one thing to add. It may help to have a person thrown into thier public www follder by default when they sign in via FTP. That way when a new user first visits they won't see all the directories from root and freak out. The only thing is it would be good to have a way to turn it of or reset it to root for those who wish to enter at the root.
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    I second this idea. Most of my comments are in this thread. Basically only put what's absolutely necessary in the "www" folder and nothing extra.

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    or at the very least, put it all in one "do not delete" folder.

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