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    Default Where IS the Account Manager?

    I've looked. God, I've looked for the last 90 minutes. I've looked through all the help and FAQs. I've looked in my htdocs directory. I've scoured through these forums. I went to and got directed to my site manager, which is apparently not the same thing.

    Where is this fabled account manager? I need to print out invoices of my expenditure.

    Many thanks for any help, and I realise the answer to this problem is probably very simple.

    Just clever enough to know how stupid I am

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    "The Account Manager is currently inactive..." etc.

    It didn't really work anyway, so lets hope they've taken it down to get it fixed.

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    The Account Manager is actually now the Site Manager. Which is yourdomain/manager/ If you have billing questions or wish to have a copy of your past invoices the best thing to do is to contact our billing department. Let me know if there is any other questions I can answer.
    Michael L. Mellor
    WestHost Support Department
    Phone: 1-800-222-2165
    FAX: 435-755-3449

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