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    Default Neomail space usage

    does neomail COPY mails from the /var/mail folder or does it MOVE them ? I have a feeling it COPIES them, resulting in requirement of double space usage for the same number of emails.

    You see, suppose the user is "info". His mail file would be /var/mail/info whereas his neomail related files lie in the folder /var/neomail/users/info or something like that. So does it not mean that mails are copied from the former to somewhere in the latter folder ?

    Please correct me if i am wrong because then I would not need to allocate double space for emails for a client's account.

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    You are correct. This is what it says in the WestHost manual:

    Neomail is different from IMP in that it will store e-mail seperately from the actual mailbox on your account. This means that Neomail will take up additional space on your account with all the e-mail it stores.
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