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    Default huh, no htdocs directory?

    See here:

    So I decided to try and create one for kicks

    MKD htdocs
    521 "/var/www/html" directory exists
    Also, in an SSH session:

    [drag-tec][~]$ ls
    [drag-tec][~]$ cd www
    sh: cd: www: No such file or directory
    This is the way the account was initially setup for me some time ago, but we haven't had time to work with it until now. What's going on? :?:

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    /usr/local/apache/htdocs is a symlink to /var/www/html
    ~/www is also a symlink to /var/www/html

    But why they don't show is a mystery.

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    Thanks, that helped quite a bit. That made me realize that the symlinks simpy had no target.

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