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    Default Third Level Domain Information

    I'm trying to point a new domain name to a page, and im not sure what to do. from this page:

    I clicked on the faq, and it tells me that I need to:

    Q) I registered a domain name with you. How do I connect this name to my existing website?
    A) From the "Third Level Domain Information" section, fill in the host names and record types to fit your needs When finished, click on the "Modify" button located at the bottom of the page.

    I do not have a hosting package associated with my new domain name, so what should I do? I already have a page set-up on my existing package. I simply need to point my new domain name to it. There doesnt seem to be a way to do it from the admin page sent to me.

    Thank You!

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    If you are on WH 2.0 you can add a domain to your existing account via the Site Manager
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    I don't have that option because I have a starter account.

    My second domain name is a seperate account, I simply want to point it to a page on the web.

    Thanks so much!

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