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    Default Help with MX record addition

    Westhost 2.0 users,

    I use a webmail service, but I also have my POP email using my domain.

    I have to add the following:

    To offer, the MX record in your DNS file should be set to: IN MX 0
    Okay my question is simple, in the MX area I have a table starting at 10 and ending at 50

    Firstly where do I add this in the order and how do I add the subname of


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    Default outsource DNS

    Hello I've been through this a zillion ways. You do not have full rights to edit zone records using the WH manager. the best solution I found is to edit your DNS servers at your registar and point your domains to a DNS provider such as (first 5 domains are free) You will have total control over your zone records A, NS, CNAME (even PRT if your skillful) be carerful especially with your A records for your domain. Jot down the IPs before you leave WH DNS.

    Good Luck
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