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    Default How do I allow change of pop password

    If I use neomail or horde, how do i allow change of password ?
    at the moment it can be only changed at the CP ?

    your kindness is much appreciated

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    Neomail uses the system to get the users password and mail directory, so a user should go to and login and change their password there.

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    It redirects me to the site manager ?
    I type that as specified ....
    Did some searching on the web & found that there's a file tab for you to change the password but cant find any.
    found this faq
    it looks like they dont allow it unless some scripts are added.

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    Sounds like we need to find out where Neomail is looking to get the passwords and then write a hack for Neomail that will update the password. I checked the link you gave but found no links to the other hacks that folks had done. Did you find any?

    Is there a reason that you do not want them to use the user control panel to change it? That really would be the easiest way and you could then give them access to control thier own redirects and e-mial list.
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