I can build a cart, checkout, etc myself but how do I go about connecting to my payment gateway/mech account? Although it's not setup yet I'll have my own SSL so I assume the credit card info will be in a form under https. I'm just not sure where to submit it to. I'm thinking about going with payQuake but I don't see anything on their site about it. Maybe they will provide this info on sign-up? Or, do you recommend I use an official shopping cart system (i.e. Miva)?

Also, I would like to store the customer info (not CC) in a DB when they sign-up when placing an order. Should this be secure even though it contains no CC data? If so how would I go about making my DB secure?

Finally, if building a checkout (HTML form) myself and assuming payQuake (or whoever I use) provides me with the info on where to submit my form to, how would I receive the order? E-mail? Where is the info stored? Maybe I do need a cart?