I've been battling some sendmail configuration issues for a while (Ticket #110556 if WH is listening) and I've resigned myself to rebuilding part of sendmail to get the options I want. Now, the tricky part - I can't see any script for starting/stopping sendmail:
does not contain sendmail. Anyone else successfully reconfigured sendmail and got the daemon restarted?

Oh, and while I'm polling for other folks experiences, does anyone else have a working:
ps -A
command. Mine craps out with an awk error about too many open pipes...

Thanks for the help. I'm a recent addition to WH, having just started their service prior to the 2.0 upgrade. I've been a Linux jockey for a while and am intrigued by the flexibility of having full control of my system via VDS. Though so far, it has been fairly frustrating.