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    Default FTP Directories Question

    While trying to enable sftp this evening, I noticed that /ftp/ has several subdirectories - and this concerns me.

    /users/ has folders for all of our POP email accounts, most of which do *not* have FTP access.

    /pub/ - confusing because our FTP users report this isn't working for them. They're restricted to username directory only. When they upload files, those files have to be transferred to /www/ by myself or my assistant.

    I'd like to delete the folders in /users/ which aren't going to be used, but not sure if it's safe to do so.

    I really don't want to enable anon-ftp, which is a huge security risk, in my opinion - but at this point, it may be the only option.

    Thanks, everyone.

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    What is in those subdirectories? Or are they just empty? I just checked my account, and I do NOT have those directories. The directories I do have in /ftp are the ones that are supposed to be there: bin, dev, etc, lib (a symlink to usr/lib), pub, usr. Some of them have lots of files (e.g. lib) but the majority are empty.

    If the folders in /users/ are empty, I think it is safe to delete them. If not, what I would do is move that folder and its entire contents out of the /ftp/ directory to somewhere else (or download it all to your hard drive and delete off the server) and then see if anything stops working. If it does, just move the folder back in there (or re-upload it).

    How does this all tie in with you not wanting to enable anonymous FTP? :?

    Let us know how it goes.
    Fayez Zaheer

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