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    Default Moving a domain registered outside westhost into reseller...

    I just recently signed up with a reseller account. I have 5 sites on westhost currently and it made more sense to keep them all in one place and allocate space among them more intelligently myself. Anyway, I also have another site that was done well before I started using westhost. It is a domain registered through network solutions.

    My problem is that I"m not sure how the DNS works now that I'm a reseller. I want to move that site here. I've created a site with the domain name I want to use within my reseller account. I also just paid to have the domain I had through network solutions *moved* to westhost (might as well get all the registrations in one place). Okay. Now the thing I can't seem to find anywhere is how to get the DNS pointing to the site I just created... What do I do now so that the site (which I"ve already uploaded) can be found through the domain name?

    I know it must be obvious, but I can't seem to find any documentation to get all those things pointing to the right thing.


    P.S. I submitted a report on this issue but never received a ticket number even though my e-mail is working. Or apparently it working (things haven't been all that stable on westhost lately). So I'm sitting here with the site kinda up in the air and I'd like to get this in motion since it will take time for the dns to propogate once its initiated correctly.


    By the way, my reseller ID is kdlarman

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    Did you ever get an answer to this. I'm looking to do the same. If you got it to work, can you let me know what the process was?


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    Hi, you might want to read through this thread
    It's sort of the same problem as mentioned.
    I had your fair share of frustrations.
    Normally once you've changed the DNS names in the domain registrar ( netsol ) to NS1.west & NS2.west respectively it takes about 1 day or 2 to have your sites DNS tables updated. So when you ping or surf the site it will go to the newly setup site in your reseller account.
    Upon adding the a domain that has been updated in the DNS tables, you will most likely be able to see the site within 6 hrs as once said by tech support but recently it was quite instant.

    hope that helps

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