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    Default 5 Domains

    Hi there,

    Could you tell me if the "5 domains" on the standard package "Deluxe"
    mean that it can host 5 different and indepent websites, or is this only a domain pointer to 1 account?

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    Default I was wondering about them as well.

    I was wondering the same thing. I've got a few small sites that are registered over at and forwareded to folders on my site.

    How would adding a domain work? Also, what about email. Could I also set up email accounts using the other forwarded url once it's added as a domain to my primary account?

    My main account is now using 2.0 and it seems easy to add domains and such.



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    I would think that since you can add domains in the Site Manager control panel you can specify to forward domains if you like or to have them point to different directories (i.e. you can manage them and do whatever it allows you from within that control panel). You probably will only have 1 account as such, with 1 "master" login that controls all 5. I am not sure how e-mail will be handled - technically, it should be handled seperately for each domain, BUT have a look at this post: This might not be the case though...
    Fayez Zaheer

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