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    Default Miva unable to create directory for graphic upload

    When attempting to add my first product image Miva gives me an error:

    Unable to create directory '/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/

    I've double checked my file paths and they appear to be correct. Do I have to change the default permissions on the /graphics folder after Miva is installed?


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    This is a very common question we get, and fortunately the answer is very easy...

    This is happening because you are logged in securely (https://secure.server/domainname/) instead of non-securely ( Because of the way our servers are setup, the secure server does not have the same file priviliges that the non-secure server does. Part of this includes not necessarily having permission to write/create these directories. So the simple answer is... Login securely when checking your order information, for other store setup/administration functions, login non-securely.
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    Alrighty then, but if thats the case..........................
    I can *only* login securely.
    The non-secure admin screen is MIA.
    I suppose that has to do w/ the upgrade, perhaps?
    So now what? :?


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