I have two domains: ...org and ...com. They both point to I have had an SSL certificate for many years (10, 15- I do not recall offhand) and have had no problems.

This year, after renewing certificate, I started to get people telling me they could not reach my site; their browsers were preventing them from reaching my site, citing SSL issues. I contacted West Host support and they said they would reinstall my SSL certificate.

That seems to have cured part of the problem, but not the whole thing.

Now people using .org seems to be accessing it fine, but those using .com are still being blocked by their browsers. I have been using both .org and .con for 20 years, including all the years I have paid for an SSL certificate, and I have never had any problems.

What could be going on to cause me to have problems now, after many years without any problems??

Thanks for the advise.