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    Question Sites go down every Saturday night at about 10-11 pm eastern

    Does something happen at the hosting level on Saturday nights around 10-11 pm eastern? I have four sites under my main site on shared hosting.

    It seems that every Saturday night around 10-11 pm eastern, the sites go down. If I look in cpanel, I see that IO, entry processes and processes are maxed out. In many cases, it returns to normal without intervention.

    However, in some cases, such as tonight, it went on for 45 minutes. I have my main domain and the other four domains are under public_html/sites. The simple fix is just to ftp in and rename sites to As soon as I do that, everything settles down to normal in about 2-3 minutes. If I then name back to sites, everything is fine for another week.

    I'm not sure if it is something on one of my sites or perhaps some kind of system server maintenance happens at that time.

    I'm on server sl-508-11 with Preferred cPanel Hosting - 0

    Is there an easier way to reboot if I'm living normally and am out on a saturday night instead of sitting at my computer??

    I'd appreciate any thoughts



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    I am not aware of any system maintenance that would be happening at that time. Normally system work is done in the middle of the night. Is there perhaps some type of auto backup that you have set up to happen at that time? High IQ normally means that there is a lot of reading and writing of files on the server. Have you reviewed your log files for that time. It might give you a clue of what is happening. Fore example if it is some outside source looking at file i.e. a bad spider, you might be able to block them.
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