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    Default westhost service slipping?- decidedly YES!!!

    Once again, server WS01030 is DOWN. Given the estimated fix time (IF they make it, Westhost has already missed one ETA for this server today) the server will have been down for OVER 24 HOURS!!! And they are charging me for this?

    this server has had a TERRIBlE service record in recent months. Either westhost replaces WS01030 or i replace Westhost.

    Should the reader be considering becoming a new Westhost customer, at this point I can only say DO NOT DO IT.

    So why donít I just leave now? Good question. I have been a loyal (Iíve recommended Westhost in the past) customer for over 10 years. I am pulling for them to recover from their current state of dismal service. But even more important, I still have quite a bit more time left on my contract length and I have lot of time invested in tailoring my site to Westhost. In short, it would be a pita to move. But I am seriously considering chucking the time and money!

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    Well according to recent news all servers are being replaced. Well they are moving to a new datacenter so it stands to reason that means new servers. That being said if you are still on an older Sit Manager account, I am not sure if those are moving.
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